Ten Reasons to Reclaim #2: Get Virtual

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Reclaim Hosting no longer offers virtual servers except through direct contracts with organizations. For individuals who need a VPS we highly recommend digitalocean.com

Up until now a lot of our announcements and indeed our core offering has been geared towards the novice. We’re all learners and it’s been a rare treat building Reclaim to give back to a community of people willing to put in the effort to learn the space of hosting and domain control and understand the power it brings. But there’s another contingent growing within Reclaim that would like more. Advanced users that often hit the limits of what they’re capable of doing within a shared hosting environment. Our managed software offering gets at part of that need for very specific cases but there are understandably folks that just want a sandbox with no limits and full flexibility.

Have you ever heard the background of how Amazon Web Services got started offering their cloud tools? Amazon was using them internally to scale up their shopping cart system and decided they could try selling back the unused server resources to people who wanted to scale up any project. We’ve utilized virtual private servers since the beginning for various tasks here and there and even helped people set them up, and we recently decided to start moving towards full virtualization for all of our systems. The benefits are clear, you can easily migrate entire systems without any dependence on the hardware, software licensing becomes much easier with flexible IP provisioning, and resources can be scaled up and down as needed. We started building an infrastructure to support this and quickly realized the potential for that group of users that want the same flexibility. So today we’re opening it up to anyone.

We now offer Virtual Private Servers starting at $10/month

Whether you need an Ubuntu server running Postgresql or Ruby, or a Fedora server running a custom web stack, you have full control and power to build whatever you need. When you signup you get root level credentials and access to a management console to rebuild the entire system from any of our templates. Today we’re launching with the 2 most recent version of Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos, and Debian. But we’re not stopping there. We built this system on an architecture that isn’t limited to just Linux operating systems. We plan to build fully-featured software packages on top of specific distributions as well as offering Windows Server. Yep, you can VPN in to your private server running Windows and manage it if that’s your thing.

This is frankly one of those times where a product could have been stuck in “private beta” constantly being reworked forever, but we’d rather put it out there and have you all push the limits with it. The potential is there and we want to see it fully-realized. Head to the product page to see the details and get started and let us know in the discussion forum what features and offerings you’d like to see added.