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Domain of One's Own

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Frequently Asked Questions

For Individuals

Rock on! You can sign for a Shared Hosting account with us here. For more information, we have explained our Shared Hosting plans in depth, and you can compare & contrast the different options as well.

In short, the main differences between hosting plans will be 1) storage, 2) account resources, and 3) cost.  You’re welcome to compare and contrast hosting plans, and when in doubt, start small and scale up as needed. If you’re still unsure,  we’d be happy to give you a recommendation, and you can always contact us directly with questions.

Reclaim Hosting offers a wide range of applications and 1-click installers in both cPanel and Reclaim Cloud. You can view our full list of applications here.

Reclaim Hosting always has and always will be education-focused, and we’ve priced plans in a way to make it affordable for students and educators. While we will never prohibit external entities from using our service, please understand that support for businesses and non-edu purposes will be limited. 

Since Reclaim Hosting works primarily with educational institutions, we do not give discounts. We try to keep our plans as low cost as possible to allow our users to purchase domains and web hosting that they own and control.

Certainly! If you would like to use a free subdomain of, please follow these steps.

No worries, we can help! When signing up, you can choose to transfer your domain to Reclaim Hosting and migrate your data. We’ll even help you do it! Just put in a migration request after signup to get started.

Reclaim Hosting runs an industry-standard control panel (cPanel) which allows you to install and use a variety of web applications, including WordPress. You are not limited to a certain set of software, plugins, and themes, rather you have full control to install what you wish on your domain. If you are interested in running applications that are not compatible with cPanel, then Reclaim Cloud will be for you!

Reclaim hosting offers ID Protection on all domains purchased through Reclaim Hosting. Other than that the user controls how much of their information they want to make public via their website. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Our standard support services do not include phone support, given we are a small team & usually our support responses will include corresponding screenshots, helpful links, etc. If you would like escalated phone support, please consider adding Professional Services to your hosting plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Institutions

A starting Domain of One’s Own instance can accommodate from 1 to 500 accounts. As you grow, your infrastructure will be expanded for additional blocks of 500 accounts. 

If Domain of One’s Own is on a larger scale than you were hoping, we might recommend starting with Bulk Shared Hosting.

Yes! Please feel free to sign up for a demo account on State University to testing things out. We’ve also created an extensive repository of documentation articles for DoOO admins here and we might recommend reading through the Getting Started section first.

Glad you asked! Each setup will receive a full list of features, tailored to both administrators and end-users. In addition, a Standard Support SLA will be included, and we also offer End-User Support if that’s of interest.  Finally, we regularly host admin trainings and events, and would also be available to travel to your campus for an in-person workshop. And of course, we’re always around the corner at [email protected].

Absolutely! We offer institutional packages that support Single Sign-On via Shibboleth, CAS, and Active Directory/LDAP. We also offer custom development for alternative authentication platforms. More information about this can be found here.

The end-user is controlling how much information is out there. Similar to a public blogging platform being run by a university, FERPA only requires that student records (and what constitutes a “record” is debatable) not be public unless a student gives permission. In this case if the student wanted to sign up and lock down their hosting they can certainly do that, no one is requiring them to make their information public. This also comes back to our strict privacy policy.

Not a problem! We can help get these migrated into your Domain of One’s Own or Managed Hosting instance if you’d like. Depending on the number of sites and work involved, this may require an extra service charge. Please contact us for additional details!

Disaster recovery starts with a robust backup and restoration service. Reclaim Hosting utilizes the JetBackup platform for full block-level backups of all files and databases on the server captured regularly and stored offsite. Within cPanel, end users will also have additional backup options as well.

You can choose to have the institution pay that cost ($15/domain) and provide them to your students for free. Alternatively, you can leave out full-on registrations entirely and only use subdomains like 

Usually, schools will offer the free subdomain option by default and then allow their students to pay out of pocket for top level domains as they prefer.

Reclaim Hosting has datacenters all over the world so we have the flexibility to host your data wherever needed. If you have requirements for this, please let us know.

Reclaim Hosting charges on an annual basis only. We’ll send you an invoice 60 days prior to your annual due date. You can learn about payment methods available here. If you prefer to pay for multiple years in advance, please let us know.