All Reclaim Hosting users are granted access to the following applications:


Installatron is a web application installer available in cPanel accounts that allows users to instantly install top web applications with a single click. 

Check out the full list of 100+ open source applications available to Reclaim Hosting customers through Installatron.

Reclaim Cloud Marketplace

Reclaim Cloud offers a wide-range of technologies outside of the LAMP stack. Check out our full list of available Marketplace apps or get started with one of the following custom installers:

Peertube • Owncast • 

Custom 1-Click Installers

Thanks to web developers that have partnered with Reclaim Hosting, the following web applications are also currently available as 1-click, custom installers for all cPanel environments:

Mukurtu • Scalar •
OHMS Viewer •

Before getting started, make sure to check out our support resources for more information about working with applications, installer upgrade timelines, application-level support policies, and more.

Have something else in mind?

Reclaim Hosting invites web developers to build out and share their custom, 1-click application installers with the larger Reclaim Community. Click below for more information about building installers for cPanel or Reclaim Cloud. Alternatively, feel free to submit a feature request in our Community Forums for installers that you might hope to see in the future.