Custom Applications

We are excited to announce that starting in the new year, we are inviting web developers to share custom, 1-click application installers with the Reclaim Hosting Community. This means that if you have an application in mind that you’d like to make widely accessible to 200+ institutions, you may do so by building out a custom, 1-click installer and submitting it to Reclaim Hosting for review. Continue reading for more information on application requirements, installer instructions, and long-term support and maintenance. You can also view Reclaim Hosting’s existing list of applications here.

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Reclaim Hosting has an extensive list of applications that are already offered through Installatron and the Reclaim Cloud Marketplace. View the full list of Current 1-Click Installers.

Instructions and Requirements

Learn how to build out custom 1-click installers for cPanel Shared Hosting environments.

Reclaim Cloud Marketplace:
Instructions and Requirements

Guidance for building out custom applications outside of the LAMP stack.

Submission Checklist

Double check that you have everything you need for a Custom Application Install at Reclaim.

Show & Tell

We're always on the lookout for cool apps, case studies, and examples of great work. Please share with us!

Commitment to Sustainability

Support & Maintenance

Reclaim Hosting is committed to offering a consistent, reliable experience for all end-users. Therefore, custom web applications will only be considered if their Software Developers are of the same mindset. This ultimately means that Software Developers must agree to providing long-term maintenance and support for their application installers before Reclaim Hosting makes an application available to the community at large. For more information, please read through the Software Developer Agreement linked below.

We look forward to working with you!

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