Domain of One’s Own is a fully-featured Reclaim Package for your Team, Organization, or Institution.


Your Unique Setup

All Domain of One’s Own initiatives get immediate access to the following:

• A completely customizable homepage
• A branded portal for your institution 
• Campus Single Sign On Integration
•Documentation Templates for your community

Click below for examples of current DoOO Homepages:


Powered by cPanel & Installatron

Every account by default has full cPanel access to over 100 open source applications, unlimited subdomains, FTP, Email, Databases, and more. The tools available to your community are completely customizable based on the needs of your institution:

• Only display applications, cPanel icons and features
that are relevant to your community
• Change account storage on a per-user basis

Click below for examples of current DoOO cPanel setups:


Integrated Domain Registration

Allow your community to create an account within seconds by giving them any/all of the following options:

• Filling out a Request Form 
• Creating a free subdomains of their choice
• Assigning predetermined subdomains based on NetIDs
• Using an existing domain name
• Purchasing a top-level domain through Reclaim Hosting funded by the school

Click below for examples of current DoOO domain setups:

What's Included in a DoOO Pilot-

Program Pricing Model-

• $625/mo per 500 accounts (Think of it as $1.25/user per month!)
• This model is applicable up to 1,500 accounts
• Additional blocks of 500 accounts will be given a 50% discount, allowing your institution to scale affordably

• By default, users will provision accounts using a free subdomain of your choosing.
• In the event that you will be offering top level domain registrations as an option, these are $15/each. 

More questions? Check out our FAQ section for institutions!

Quick Links for Institutions-