"What do you offer in terms of support?"

This is a fair question, and one we get asked often. Web hosting can often be a complicated endeavor, but we’ve got your back. Our team always aims to go above and beyond to provide guidance, share resources, and fix problems when questions arise. After our support tickets are solved, users are given the option quickly let us know whether or not they’re satisfied, or optionally they can leave a comment. Read what folks are saying below.

"Level of support was superb. Response was immediate, and issue was addressed to my satisfaction."

"If only everything was as easy as Reclaim Hosting made this web migration - can't recommend highly enough. Thank you!!!"

"The quality of support received was excellent– it was quick, professional, and on point. Much appreciated!"

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"Wonderful and timely assistance. I couldn't have been more pleased with the professionalism and support I received! Thank you."

"Response time and helpfulness were both excellent! I was not expecting to be able to get my website back, and was immensely glad they were willing to set it back up for me."

"The support from Reclaim is always fast and great. It is one of the biggest reasons I recommend Reclaim to everyone in need of a host."