Ten Reasons to Reclaim #1: The Full Package

This is it folks, the final day of our feature sprint here at Reclaim Hosting where we launched not just one or two things, but 10 completely new features or products. For us it represents and landmark moment for the trajectory of Reclaim and a commitment from us to where we are going from here. If you’ve somehow missed all the news you can catch up on all of the awesome announcements with the Ten Reasons category of our blog. But we weren’t kidding when we said we would save the best for last. At the risk of a Steve Jobs style throwback, we have one more thing to add to our product lineup in time for the Spring semester and to us it completes the work we’ve been doing up until now. So enough build up, here it is:

Domain of One’s Own for $199/month

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We’ve built a custom virtualized package that includes all of the software necessary to run a full-fledged Reclaim server of your own in our environment and we’re bringing it to you at a price that makes it infinitely accessible. We want to see the idea of getting a space of your own grow far and wide as well as provide sandbox environments for teams and organizations to quickly fire up spaces for exploring new ideas. This year we began piloting the idea of “Domain of One’s Own” and offering the same infrastructure we do with Reclaim to Institutions and we’ve been working with 4 different schools to pilot that idea. This is the next evolution of that for any school big or small, any organization thinking about using cPanel and domain spaces to further their mission. By building in the same subdomain signup process that we previewed with our Test Drive area we’ve removed the largest cost of registering domains and we’ve streamlined every aspect of this idea to build a package that is powerful and affordable.

We’ll be launching the Domain of One’s Own package by the end of the year in time for the Spring semester and you can find out more about it on our dedicated page about the service as well as request to be emailed when it’s ready. And with that we hope we’ve given you 10 reasons to continue supporting Reclaim Hosting as the premier web partner for schools and organizations and anyone who wants to finally carve out their space on the web and build a digital identity for themselves.