Ten Reasons to Reclaim #3: Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost

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The complexity of hosting Ghost became too much to support and Reclaim Hosting no longer offers this service. We are exploring ways to bring this back in a sustainable fashion but for now, individuals who want to run Ghost are encouraged to signup at ghost.org

We’re in the home stretch of our feature sprint now and as you saw yesterday we saved the absolute best for the final days. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s announcement we now offer managed software hosting as a core component of Reclaim Hosting. Our goal is to enable users to run the most advanced web tools out there that won’t work in a typical shared hosting environment as well as to take the complicated procedures of setting them up out of the mix. We handle the installation, the updates and upgrades, and you get to do what you do best which is focusing on building something awesome. We’ve enabled that option with Discourse Forums right out the gate and we’ve got more on the way. You can read more about that announcement on yesterdays post.

Building on yesterday’s announcement we’re putting out our second managed software environment today which is another extremely popular tool that many folks haven’t had the opportunity to experiment with because of the technical demands of running it.

Ghost Blogging Platform Hosting for $5

So what is Ghost exactly? Ghost began as a thought experiment in what WordPress could be if you stripped away all the complication and “rebooted” the software as a purely focused blogging platform. WordPress is extremely powerful and yet as a publishing tool sometimes the power and flexibility can distract from a simple writing tool, which is what Ghost aims to solve. John Nolan launched a Kickstarter project to fund the development of this idea last year and the software has seen its release and plenty of updates since then. However the decision to build Ghost using Node.JS has caused complications for web hosts who can’t run the software in a standard shared hosting environment, similar to what we were seeing with Discourse.

It’s exciting to be able to offer this software to the community at a fraction of what others are charging for hosted Ghost installs and to build in world-class support and management as well. Not only will we install and update the software for you, but we will include a variety of gorgeous themes that have been developed for Ghost and help you install any themes or plugins that you’d like. Best of all we’re running this system on an extremely fast framework that proxies HTTP requests through an Nginx appliance with PageSpeed caching which will make your blog fast. Sorry for geeking out there a bit, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’ve migrated my personal blog to our platform to push the system and show off what’s possible. We’ve updated our product page and you can grab a Ghost blog directly through this link for $5 a month. If you’re a tinkerer that has been looking for a new tool to write on the web give Ghost a shot!