Author: Taylor Jadin

Adding a warning when trying to close an unsubmitted form in Gravity Forms

Blogging this before I forget it!
I needed to add a warning to a form in Gravity Forms in case someone started filling out a form but forgot to click the submit button before closing the page. I’ve seen plenty of pages do this before, and figured there might be away to easily do something like this in Gravity Forms.
There isn’t a built-in feature in Gravity Forms for this, but it turns out that using jQuery you can easily check if someone has clicked on any of the form inputs, and if they try to close the page throw up a warning.

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February Community Chat – State of Reclaim

On February 9th1 we had our second Community Chat at Reclaim Hosting, this one called State of Reclaim!
It was a breakdown of what each group at Reclaim has been busy with, as well as what they are looking ahead towards. We also had Tim talk about early work on the Domains API.
Here’s the recording:
Also, here are some of the links for follow up that were mentioned in that recording:

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January Community Chat

Yesterday, Reclaim Hosting had its first “Community Chat” and I got to host it. The chat was focused around a site template I put together that is intended to help Domains admins showcase the work students, staff, and faculty are doing on their campus. The idea of making tools to build community around domains is not new at all, but I was hoping to make something that schools that were new to DoOO could get started with and would be simple and flexible enough to grow with their needs over time.

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A simple landing page for stuff I run in Reclaim Cloud

I haven’t revisited it in a while, but one of my favorite little projects I dug into at the beginning of the pandemic was making my own little radio station using Azuracast. I need to get back to that, but one of the things on my checklist was to make a small improvement to the landing page for it,
The look of the landing page I was already pretty satisfied with, it’s just an HTML5UP template that I customized and slapped the embedded player from azuracast on, but I wanted the page to automatically show that the stream was offline when I have Azurcast stopped in Reclaim Cloud to save money.

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