Since we started Rockaway Hosting in 2017, it has served as a sister hosting company to Reclaim. It was aimed at non-education folks that wanted more robust hosting and support options beyond what we offer in Reclaim’s Standard Shared Hosting. We have since introduced Professional Services at Reclaim Hosting to do just that for our customers, and as a result the need for Rockaway Hosting has waned. That said, there are still a small number of folks using Rockaway.

So, we wanted to let you know that as of February 1st, 2022 we intend to merge all existing Rockaway Hosting clients into the Reclaim Hosting fold. This will happen seamlessly and all subsequent bills will be delivered via Reclaim Hosting as annual invoices. The upside of this move is pricing for hosting will decrease significantly given it will be based on disk space usage. In other words, if you have 2 GB or less on your account you will pay $30 annually; an account with up to 10 GB will pay $50 annually; and an account with up to 100 GB of storage will pay $100 per year.

This new pricing will take effect on February 1st if you pay monthly or upon the renewal of your next annual invoice. Keep in mind domain costs will remain the same, so no changes on that front. The Professional Services option is purely opt-in, so if you need your site(s) to remain on a low-tenant server or require a more robust level of support you can add that option at any time.

If you would like to move your account to another hosting company, we thank you for your business over the years. We would encourage you to take a full account backup through cPanel to make sure the move away is as easy as possible.

Thanks again for understanding and have a wonderful holiday season!