Friendly Reminder about Custom Installers

We wanted to send out a friendly reminder that Reclaim Hosting is continuing to move towards this updated process for maintaining custom application installers in cPanel environments (announced at the beginning of 2022). As part of this work, most custom installers will either be removed or managed entirely by application web developers by the beginning of 2023.

Please note that cPanel users will still have the option to manually install any open source application compatible in a LAMP environment, however the 1-click installer option for the following applications will be removed:

  • FreshRSS
  • Lychee
  • Big Picture Calling Card*
  • Dimension Calling Card*
  • Highlights Calling Card*
  • TRU Collector*
  • TRU Writer*

Common Questions

Will I still be able to install these applications after January 1?
Yes, these applications will still work in cPanel, but the process for installing them will be a little more manual. You can read about how to do that by following these resources:

I’ve got one of these applications already installed in my account. What will happen to it?
In short, nothing. Any sites using one of these installers will not be removed due to this change. Keep in mind, however, that these installers will be a legacy feature and they will not receive maintenance going forward.

For Administrators

What about Installatron Site Templates?
Reclaim Hosting has no plans to remove or change workflows to Installatron Site Templating options, meaning that Admins of Domain of One’s Own or Managed Hosting cPanel schools can still create site templates as expected.

Can I save these installers as Installatron Site Templates?
If you wish to copy a SPLOT installer as a Template to keep them around longer term, you will be able to do so between now and January 1 when installers are removed. Simply follow this workflow to template any sites as you wish. After January 1, you would need to install the SPLOTs manually, and then save the site as a template.

*A massive thanks to Alan Levine for allowing Reclaim Hosting to adopt his SPLOTs through the years and build them into custom installers for our community. If you wish to stay updated about the latest happenings with SPLOTs, or custom WordPress installers with preconfigured demo content, please visit