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Who Am I Here?

One of my favorite quotes from the classic 1987 b-movie horror Stepfather is when Jerry Blake (played brilliantly by Terry O’Quinn) picks up the phone, only to stop himself to ask that age-old question: “Who am I here?”
This is exactly how I felt … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Marx’s Capital

Big time thanks to @ReclaimHosting for a seamless transition. The website is now hosted by
— David Harvey (@profdavidharvey) August 9, 2015

On Friday an old friend and collaborator  from the CUNY Graduate Center, Chris Caruso, reached out to me … Continue reading

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Discourse(s) on Docker

One of the things Tim built a while ago is a server running multiple instances of the forum software Discourse using Docker. He did this because we’re getting more and more interest at Reclaim Hosting for this forum software. As usual, Tim … Continue reading

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Lunch with the Torrances

During a discussion I had with a group of faculty this evening about managing their own domains, one professor asked how he might approach blogging in his film class. Because I can’t help myself, I immediately mentioned to GIFs as a way to … Continue reading

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Two Years of Reclaim Hosting

Is it a coincidence @ReclaimHosting‘s birthday coincides with #SysAdminDay? #ithinknot We love @timmmmyboy!!!
— Jim Groom (@jimgroom) July 31, 2015
Two years ago my partner Tim Owens and I rushed down to the Fredericksburg county clerk and gave birth to the two-headed monstrosity that is … Continue reading

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XML-RPC Blocking using htaccess

Blog posts about WordPress on the bava in conversation with the great D’Arcy Norman? Party like it’s 2008!

@jimgroom I’d love to see how you fixed the xmlrpc thing. blog post on htaccess etc…?
— D’Arcy Norman (@dlnorman) July 30, 2015
Reclaim Hosting‘s … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the bava

Been away, but now I’m back.
I’m finally starting to feel the transition away from UMW to Reclaim take hold. I’ve been traveling pretty non-stop since the beginning of June, and the last week back in Fredericksburg has been equal parts … Continue reading

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