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Open Media Ecosystem: Owncast

In another installation of the Open Media Ecosystem series run through Reclaim Edtech, Pilot Irwin and I did a stream last week highlighting the virtues of Owncast, a free, open source application for live streaming video. We used the Who, … Continue reading

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Running WriteFreely on Reclaim Cloud

Today I did a quick stream attempting to get WriteFreely working on Reclaim Cloud. WriteFreely is an interesting tool that I wanted to play with, and I was able to get things working with some poking around and help from Tim who was watching and pointed out a bind setting in the config.ini file. More on that below. Things kick off at around 2:51.
Basically, I followed the instructions on their install page with a few additions and caveats.

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Defaulting to the Cloud

Earlier this month I did a session for Reclaim Edtech’s Open Media Ecosystem series on the open source web radio software Azuracast. I also posted about Azuracast’s web hooks that sent notifications to both Twitter and Mastodon when a live … Continue reading

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Making an Owncast installer for Reclaim Cloud

Today I did a stream where I attempted to create an Owncast installer live in about an hour. I have used Owncast before, and used Jim’s blog post to set it up manually, but that’s mostly all the prep I had done beforehand. Having just come off of setting up a Mastodon installer, greatly helped as I learned a lot from that experience, and was able to re-use a lot of stuff from it.

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Setting up Peertube to use Backblaze B2 storage

I’ve been busy with Peertube stuff lately. After getting my own instance at upgraded to 5.0, I also wanted to set up object storage so I could utilize Amazon S3 or the alternatives. In this case I wanted to use Backblaze B2, as I’m already using Backblaze’s Personal backup for backing up computers in my home, and generally a fan of the simplicity of B2 compared to doing stuff in the AWS dashboard.

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Upgrading Peertube to 5.0!

Here are some notes I made on how I upgraded various Peertube installs ( and, mainly) to version 5.0. Version 5 came with some big changes, and required some a new config for nginx, as well as a required setting in a new to me production.yaml file. Here are some quick notes if you are having trouble upgrading to version 5, and you are using a docker-compose based setup. There were some notes in the GitHub release for this new version that informed my notes below, but it did take me a little figuring and experimentation to make sense of all of it.

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