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Mid-Month: April 2024

It’s April and we have a spring in our step!

Welcome to the mid month update packed with resources, events and important updates. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy!

📣 Announcements

Our team is growing – we’re hiring!

Our team is growing… and we are

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Our team is growing – we’re hiring!

Our team is growing… and we are looking to for a new Customer Support Specialist to join our team.

As a Customer Support Specialist, you will be at the forefront of ensuring our customers’ technical needs are met promptly and effectively. You’ll play a vital role in

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AutoSSL Rate Limiting on cPanel Servers

As part of a recent update, cPanel has changed their provider for SSL certificates issued through AutoSSL. Previously they used Sectigo for automatically-issued certs, with Let’s Encrypt available as an alternative for users through a cPanel plugin. Let’s Encrypt has now replaced Sectigo, and will be

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Reclaim Security Update: Remote MySQL

Announcement: Reclaim Hosting is disabling Remote MySQL Access.

Due to our new cybersecurity compliance requirements, we have blocked remote MySQL access across our infrastructure. If you are working with Domain of One’s Own or Managed Hosting, this block can be bypassed with administrator approval, however, we do want

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Un-CORK-ing the #OER24 Thoughts

My 5th OER conference is in the books! I’m just getting back to my desk after taking the weekend to reflect and think through the experience of OER24 this year and I’m so grateful for the entire trip. From coffee shops, trips to see the Titanic’s final port of call, seeing family, catching up with […]

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ReclaimEDU: A Reclaim Case Study

For our second Reclaim Case Study production, we wanted to pull from the knowledge and experience of our team to give you a deeper look at Reclaim’s latest and greatest… ReclaimEDU!

You’ve heard about what ReclaimEDU is— our new multiregion cloud hosting service for .edu

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That Mathers Aesthetic!

The great Maren Deepwell (who Reclaim Hosting has been lucky enough to work with after her long stint as ALTs brilliant CEO) has created a visual anthology celebrating 10 years of Reclaim’s art. It’s a very cool video, and I … Continue reading

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