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The bava Media Center

The bava media center, featuring a Sony Trinitron 19” television to the far left with a Commodore 128 right below it. Beneath that is a used Panasonic DP-U89000 DVD Blu-ray/UHD multi-region player for the new fangled higher-end media. The beige … Continue reading

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Hacking on Owncast’s UI for ReclaimTV

One of my big goals for the year at Reclaim was to really beef up the video platform we use at Reclaim for our streams, as well as flex courses and workshops. We do publish stuff to YouTube, and we’re certainly not leaving that behind, but I wanted self-hostable and federated stuff like Peertube and Owncast to really feel like first-class citizens for us.
I think getting into all the tools we are using would and the surrounding workflow would be a good topic for another post, but for now I wanted to document how I’ve been customizing the UI of Owncast to fit our needs on reclaim.

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Migrating Mastodon from a Source Install to a Dockerized Install

Jim beat me to blogging it, but on Friday he and I jumped on a stream and migrating a test instance of Mastodon he has, that he installed the manual way, over to a new dockerized install using my 1-click installer on Reclaim Cloud.
Things went super smoothly and this should make future upgrades and maintenance super painless. Because the server uses an S3 bucket for its images, really all we needed to do was dump and restore the database, and then fill out the .

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I was watching this Action Retro video where he installs Red Hat Linux 5.2 on a Pentium system. Its cool stuff!
That being said, the real gold for me was him referencing this search engine that he runs for use with retro computers, FrogFind!
It loads over plain old HTTP, and has a simple layout, so it works with ancient browsers, but even cooler than that, when you click on a result it loads in a simplified version of the page right, this way you can actually read the content of modern websites from an old browser!

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Migrating WordPress Multisite setups to the cloud!

A couple of weeks back I did a stream with Amanda and Pilot where I showed off what I’ve been learning about quickly and efficiently moving WordPress Multisite and Commons in a Box setups to Reclaim Cloud. I’ve done a few CBOX Openlab migrations, most recently for SUNY Oneonta and University of New Haven, so I wanted to document what I’ve been learning. The great thing about CBOX Classic and CBOX Openlab is that they really are just WordPress Multisite, and so not too much special was necessary above and beyond moving any other Multisite.

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Turning 10

In August 2013 ( officially says August 28, 2013), 18-year-old Meredith sat in her first college class at Mary Washington. I was introduced to a thing called a domain name. She was asked to register a domain name as part of a class and was asked to write weekly reflections on the readings. And she […]

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