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November’s Ghost Redux

Welcome to Running a Newsletter with Ghost! As we hit the last day of November I wanted to quickly compile the Reclaim Edtech sessions we did this month focused on getting up and running with Ghost, an open source platform … Continue reading

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Reclaim.Rocks Mastodon

It was only a matter of time at the pace I’ve been going with setting up Mastodon instances that Reclaim Hosting would get its own snazzy server, and that day was Wednesday. I streamed the setup so that I would … Continue reading

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Friendly Reminder about Custom Installers

We wanted to send out a friendly reminder that Reclaim Hosting is continuing to move towards this updated process for maintaining custom application installers in cPanel environments (announced at the beginning of 2022). As part of this work, most custom installers will either be removed or managed entirely by application

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Reclaim Community

A wonderful symptom of launching Instructional Technology at Reclaim Hosting has been the rediscovery, for me at least, of all the avenues to join in alongside others and “reclaim” slices of the web. It has been such a joy to be a part of this community, and to watch it transform and grow through the… Read More »Reclaim Community

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Haunting the Ghost Flex Course

This week saw the release of the second installment of the Ghost Flex Course we’re running at Reclaim Edtech. This session featured Pilot Irwin taking us through their process of putting together Reclaim Hosting’s monthly newsletter Reclaim Roundup. There is … Continue reading

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