Ten Reasons to Reclaim #5: Rewarding Passion

Have I mentioned how awesome of a community we have here at Reclaim? Maybe once or twice. But it’s true! Getting to know the folks who sign up here has been infinitely rewarding and the passion that this community shows for the idea of reclaiming your space online is empowering. On top of that there’s a contingent of faculty who are pushing on this idea in their classroom and we’ve see a large growth of courses that make building a space online using Reclaim a part of the curriculum. What better way to push these ideas forward and give back than to reward that community that puts our name out there time and time again? Which leads us to our latest announcement:

We now offer 10% credit for all referrals and 20% off for your students

Starting today you can grab a special affiliate link directly in the client area under AccountsAffiliates that will credit you for any signups that are done as a result of visiting the link. We’ll give you 10% of their purchase and you can use that as credit towards future invoices. Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 3.27.28 PMIn addition to that we built a system to allow faculty to create their own promotional codes that can be used to offer your students 20% off the cost of their account. Instead of having to follow a particular link you can create a promotional code that is easy to understand and they can put it directly into the order form to get the discount. You’ll be able to track signups within the affiliate area as well.

Awhile back I wrote on my personal blog about how I wanted to find a way to build a fund for students who might not have the necessary resources to afford getting their own space. We pride ourselves on doing whatever is necessary to make hosting and domains dirt cheap while not compromising on awesome service and support. But sometimes that’s not enough and I want to do more. So perhaps you’re someone that doesn’t necessarily need credit to your account when you refer someone to us and they signup and you’d like to “pay it forward”. We’ll be creating a special fund that any affiliate can donate their credits too and we’ll use that to gift domains and hosting to students in need. We can build this community in ways we’ve never done before and make it accessible to a new wave of people. So grab your link and spread the word!