Swag is for Losers, You Have to Buy Greatness!

You know you wanna be like Grant Potter and rock out in this t-shirt!

We had some t-shirts left over after our first run of Reclaim Hosting leisurewear in April, and they have been neatly folded and stacked in a bunker somewhere deep in the Virginia countryside. Since then, Tim and I have been getting inquiries from folks about how they can get their hands on a Reclaim shirt—they are all the rage! I guess they missed our 10,000 tweets about them in April and May—luddites!

We originally bought extras with the idea of giving them away as swag. But the we realized we don’t want to travel to conferences as vendors.  And we sure as shit don’t want to suck up to people with free things because we’re already well on our way to owning the moniker of “successful business people.” In fact, we’re actively avoiding going to conferences as vendors because we are allergic to cavernously depressing hotels in Anaheim. What’s more, we see no reason why we should be doling out free swag given how freaking cheap we are to begin with! I mean come on, hippies, cough up some money for Reclaim swag—style does not come cheap! So, get a shirt while supplies last, and don’t cry about the cost— just think of that time you submitted a ticket after crashing your website trying to integrate WordPress with the think-farm known as Medium. Amatuers!