In the past few years there has been a big push to make the web more secure for everyone. I can think of no greater example of that than the organization Let’s Encrypt which finally brought free SSL certificates to the masses. Let’s Encrypt opened their system up in December of last year and in January of this year we were pleased to announce built-in support for issuing free supports through them directly within cPanel for all customers. Today we’re taking that one step further.

There’s no doubt that having an interface in cPanel to provision and install free SSL certificates makes it incredibly easy to secure your sites. But it seemed to us like the real dream would be doing this all in the background, by default, for everyone. After testing over the past 2 weeks I’m pleased to announce that going forward every domain hosted by Reclaim Hosting will automatically be provisioned with a free and renewable SSL certificate by default. This happens at the time of signup within seconds of the domain being registered and a recurring process on the server checks for new domains added and will provision certificates if one doesn’t already exist or has expired. For users that want to buy and install your own certificates that’s still an option, but it’s no longer a requirement for securing your sites and https will be a default option now available to everyone.

If you have an account with Reclaim Hosting you likely got SSL certificates for your domains during the testing phase without even knowing it. To date we have provisioned over 7,500 certificates in our system! We couldn’t be more pleased with what this means for making the web more secure and making SSL-enabled sites as easy as possible.