Sebadoh: Smash Your Head on the Reclaim Rock

In addition to our first shared hosting server in Canada, we are also thrilled to announce a new shared hosting server in Digital Ocean’s San Francisco-based data center called Sebadoh, in honor of the band formed thanks to Lou Barlow’s frustration with J. Mascis‘s creative control over Dinosaur Jr. We already have a server named in honor of Dino, so Lou Barlow may very well be the first musician that is part of two bands Reclaim has named servers after—though I may need to be fact-checked on that one.

Sebadoh is associated with the 1990s lo-fi scene, often associated with Pavement and Guided by Voices, amongst others. I was first exposed to Sebadoh as an undergraduate in Los Angeles in the early 90s with their compilation album Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock. Songs like “Brand New Love” and “Vampire” highlight the best of post-punks EMO roots:

But the album I remember most fondly is their 1994 release Bakesale. It seemed to play endlessly on the portable, battery-driven CD player in my girlfriend’s insurance-less, beat-up Toyota (or was it a Honda?) while driving the endless boulevards of Los Angeles. It’s definitely my favorite, I mean how can you beat lyrics like “I need the Dramamine To be as crazy as your scene” 

So, here’s to the spirit of 90s lo-fi at Reclaim Hosting as we gear up for 2018.