Reclaim Hosting Partners with

Reclaim Hosting is proud to announce a partnership with, a company that is setting the standard for online video tutorials and training, with the production of WordPress in the Classroom. This video series was produced by Chris Mattia who we’ve worked with previously through California State University at Channel Islands on their institutional platform. When Chris approached us about building a platform to compliment a new Lynda title that would explore getting a domain and building a WordPress site for use in a classroom environment it struck us as the perfect partnership.

Jim has written a bit already about the platform we built, State University, for this title already. Essentially we wanted to create a mock institutional environment that mirrored the same tools and setup we create for schools with our Domain of One’s Own product. When you visit State University all it takes is a single login through your choice of a number of social networking sites and you can be up and running with a subdomain and building in cPanel in minutes! The WordPress in a Classroom title compliments this platform by walking users through the steps not only of getting up and running but also exploring how a hosting platform like this can enhance teaching methods and augment instruction within your courses.

We know that many of the schools we work with already have Lynda subscriptions on their campus and we’re excited to see this title go live not just because it exposes these alternatives of traditional learning management systems to wider audiences, but also because tutorials like these can become building blocks that faculty using Reclaim Hosting can integrate into their courses as resources for their students. If you don’t have a Lynda account you are eligible for a 10 day free trial so do check it out! When your State University trial comes to a close after 30 days we’ve even provided a promotion code of our already deeply discounted hosting plans. And we’re excited to think that this could be the beginning of a whole series of titles on reclaiming one’s digital identity and building spaces for the web.

Take the opportunity today to check out this title as well as test drive the State University platform and experience the power of building in open spaces for the web!