cPanel Access in the Client Area

If I had to pin down the single greatest feature request in the past year that we’ve heard from clients it comes back to password management. Before today you had one password to sign up, another to login to cPanel, and then more passwords when you installed applications. We hear you loud and clear and today I’m pleased to announce that alongside the full redesign of the client area we’ve found a way to make the cPanel interface for your site accessible directly from there, no password required! Users can simply log in and they’ll find a menu item for cPanel available to them in the navigation area. For users with more than one hosting account, the menu item will convert to a dropdown menu so you have access to every cPanel area you’re a user on from one screen.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 8.45.46 PM

This change is certainly a welcome one but comes with a small caveat for existing users. The interface relies on our billing system keeping your cPanel password in sync. This means if you’ve changed your password directly in cPanel there’s one small step you need to take to get them back in sync. Go to the account listing page in the client area of Reclaim Hosting and click on View Details for your account. Then click the Change Password tab and update your cPanel password here. This will ensure the system stays in sync. We’ve disabled the ability to reset passwords directly in cPanel for this reason and password changes should happen right in the client area.

We hope this will make a huge difference for customers who want quick and easy access to dive into cPanel and start building out there space. If you have other ideas for features you’d like to see us build, leave them in the comments below or shoot us a message!