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Reclaim Security Update: Remote MySQL

Announcement: Reclaim Hosting is disabling Remote MySQL Access.

Due to our new cybersecurity compliance requirements, we have blocked remote MySQL access across our infrastructure. If you are working with Domain of One’s Own or Managed Hosting, this block can be bypassed with administrator approval, however, we do want

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Security PSA: Disk Usage Phishing Campaign

PSA: There is currently an ongoing phishing campaign against Reclaim Hosting/Reclaim Hosting users. These phishing emails are disguised as legitimate cPanel disk usage reports, an example of which can be seen below:

As you can probably tell from the image, there are a few signs that this email is

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Security PSA: New Phishing Campaign

There is currently an on-going phishing campaign targeting WordPress users. If you believe your account was compromised or you were affected by this campaign already, please notify us immediately at

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Patching Meltdown and Spectre

Seems like every 1-2 years we get a major security scare in the form of a global exploit that effects server infrastructure in some fashion and requires a response. We’ve had Heartbleed, Poodle, Shellshock (who comes up with these names anyway?). 2018 didn’t wait long to bring us that gift

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