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Ow3ned or Owned?

if you’re getting organized right now, consider self-hosted server infrastructure. here’s what @ExtinctionR is running, by @julian0liver and here is the key slide — Kyle McDonald (@kcimc) July 7, 2020 A week or so ago Lori Emerson shared … Continue reading

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Reclaim Cloud Q&A

Yesterday Tim, Lauren, and I sat down to talk more in-depth about Reclaim Cloud, as well as use the occasion to respond to questions folks have about this new platform that’s currently in open beta. 018: Cloud Q&A If you … Continue reading

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Jitsi on Reclaim Cloud

Zoom’s privacy record has been spotty at best for a while now, but recent news pointing to their shutting down activist’s accounts at the behest of the Chinese government is yet another reason to think twice before using that video … Continue reading

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Discourse in the Reclaim Cloud

What’s old is new again. In 2015 I wrote about Reclaim Hosting experimenting with the next-generation forum software Discourse using a multi-user Docker setup. We use Discourse for Reclaim’s Community forums and I’ve grown to love the software.* What’s more, … Continue reading

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Archiving ds106 docs

Part of moving ds106 to a new server is making sure you don’t leave a trail of dead links in your wake. With great classes come great responsibility 🙂 I think I have the caching issues and some of the … Continue reading

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