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Chat with Brian Lamb: Reclaim Hosting & Open Ed Tech

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Lamb about Open Ed Tech in general and where Reclaim Hosting fits into the picture. Brian is working alongside Anne-Marie Scott to develop an open course for KPU’s Professional Program in Open Education. The course they are building is called …

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Reclaim Today Episode: Instructional Tech at Reclaim

Last Monday, I got to sit down with Pilot, Taylor, and Jim to talk more in depth about our goals and ideas for Instructional Tech at Reclaim. This is such an exciting moment for us to think about what’s possible and how this professional development and community space may expand …

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OERxDomains: Early Planning and Display Site

OERxDomains21. Where to begin. Easily a career highlight. Hard to put into words. I suppose I’ll start at the beginning because I do think its worth having everything documented on my little corner of the internet. That takes us back to at some point last fall, knowing that our biennial …

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Q&A with Reclaim Hosting CoFounders

In the spirit of entering a hiring phase at Reclaim Hosting, I’ve been working closely with Judith to make sure our internal onboarding documentation is up to date. To help introduce the Reclaim CoFounders to new employees, especially our remote workers, we thought it would be fun to create a video in which I would interview Tim and Jim about the company history, their current roles, and where they think…

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Reclaim Today: Why Domains at Plymouth State

Reclaim Today’s latest episode can be found at You can also find it embedded below: This morning Jim and I had the pleasure of continuing conversations from the first Reclaim Roadshow with Katie Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist and driving force for Domain of One’s Own at Plymouth State University. After hearing her present at the workshop, we knew that getting some of her strategies recorded for others was a no-brainer!…

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