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A Visual Anthology of 10 years of Reclaim

Have you ever wondered where it all started?

Well… you won’t be surprised to hear that when it comes to the history of Reclaim there is a blog post trail to follow, starting with this post written in 2013 by our Co-Founder Tim Owens:

In early 2012 I

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Hello blog!

This is Reclaim the Blog, a brand new space from Reclaim Hosting that’s intended to share important news and announcements. Posts will cover everything from new products to security to workshops and much more. You can subscribe if you’d like to stay up to date and

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We’re Live!

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen an outpouring of support and interest in Reclaim Hosting. We’re excited to finally launch and announce that signups are open. If you are running a course that would benefit from having your students get a domain of th…

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