Workshop: Domain of One’s Own 201

The Reclaim Hosting team will be meeting  for a two-day, intensive workshop to talk about all things Domains. We’re looking to gather a group of administrators from various Domain of One’s Own schools to come together (virtually) for a for a two half-days of training and discussion around Domains. The workshop would provide both applied training

Flex Course: Building Community with Discord

Reclaim Hosting will be spending the month of April 2023 highlighting the ways in which Discord can be used to run events and build communities of all sizes. This flex course will take you from basic server creation through important setting configurations, Discord Roles, Bots, and permissions, and finally, how/why to integrate with supporting digital

Flex Course: Splashing Around with Installatron Apps

We're not diving in deep, we're making a splash! Come with us as we take a beginner's look at some of the most popular non-WordPress Installatron apps, like Omeka, Scalar, Grav, Mukurtu, Omeka S, and others.