Flex Course: Open Media Ecosystem (PeerTube, JitsiMeet, and more!)

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Learn how to set up, administer and integrate several open source media tools, including the web conferencing software Jitsi Meet, the streaming tool Owncast, the video cloud platform PeerTube, and the web radio software Azuracast.


December Community Chat: Mastodon and the Fediverse

There has been a lot of interest around Mastodon and Fediverse related tools recently, so we thought it would be a good time to chat about these tools, what they do well, and what to think about when hosting your own Mastodon instance!

Flex Course: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

As a continuation of the Open Source Media Ecosystem flex course, Reclaim Hosting will be spending the latter half of January with the Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) for live streaming and more! This series will include: An Introduction and Overview of OBS Setting up basic scenes and media sources in OBS Working with a green screen

Month-Long Workshop: WordPress Multisite 201 with Tom Woodward

WordPress Multisite master admin Tom Woodward will run a handful of workshops tailored for WordPress Multisite administrators to both manage and fine-tune their installation. This will cover essential plugins, themes, coming to terms with Gutenberg, as well as managing growth, site deprovisioning, and more.

Workshop: Domain of One’s Own 201

The Reclaim Hosting team will be meeting  for a two-day, intensive workshop to talk about all things Domains. We’re looking to gather a group of administrators from various Domain of One’s Own schools to come together (virtually) for a for a two half-days of training and discussion around Domains. The workshop would provide both applied